Best Quadcopter with Camera

Hubsan X4 H107L Royal Blue H107

The most popular drone today is the Hubsan X4 H107L Royal Blue H107. It is the perfect toy quadcopter and an excellent introduction to flying drones for beginners. It is not hi-tech, but if you think back a few years, you couldn’t even dream of putting your hands on this bad boy. Let alone fly it! But, now you can do more with it!


Durability: The most important feature of this quadcopter is durability. You can crash it a few times, and it will still work. That’s why it’s the best mini quadcopter to start practicing your skills with.

Cost: It is one of the best beginner toy drones under $50. It’s a low-ticket entry to the world of flying drones.

Stability: In strong winds, this drone proved its metal. Having no camera, made it more stable.


No camera. And you may wonder what the use is if you can’t take pictures with it? This drone is not made for aerial photography, but it’s perfect for practice. Once you have learned the ropes, you can move up to an advanced drone.

Long charging time: While this drone can fly for 10 full minutes, it takes 30 minutes to charge. Depending on how you view it, it can be both a curse and a blessing. In any case, 10 minutes of non-stop flying is enough to teach you how to get this baby soaring!